Meet The Team 2022-2023


Fer Arenas Suxo

Hey! My name is Fer and I'm from Bolivia:) I'm currently a U2 doing joint honours in Anthropology and IDS. My favorite slang is "pinche".

Victoria Aponte

Hello! I’m Victoria and I'm from Venezuela. I am U3 studying Political Science with a double minor in Social Entrepreneurship. My favourite slang is “echarse un camarón” which means to take a nap.

VP Communications

Victoria Khouri

Hi! My name is Victoria and I'm American/Argentine. I'm a U2 majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. My favorite Argenine slang is the overuse of the word "mal"

Camila Loyola Rodriguez

Helloo! I'm Cami and I'm from Lima, Peru! I am a U2 majoring in Information Systems, with a concentration in Retail management. My favorite slang is "mensa"

Isabella Gonzalez Hinrichsen

Hi! My name is Isabella, I'm from Santiago, Chile, and I'm part of the VP Communications team for SLASA. I'm a U2 student double-majoring in Political Science and History and minoring in Social Entrepreneurship. My favorite Chilean slang word is "cachai."

Irene Newman Jimenez

Hi! My name's Irene, I'm from Miami but I was born in Venezuela. I'm a U2 studying Psychology with a minor in Gender Studies. My favorite Venezuelan slang is "chamo"

Mathilde Malpartida Durroux

Heya there! I'm Mathilde and I'm French/Peruvian/Mexican. I'm in U3 studying political science and East Asian studies with a minor in history. My favorite slang is "qué piña".

VP Events

Lara Landauro

Hi I'm a Finance Major and Computer Science minor student at McGill University. Born in Peru and raised in France. My favorite Peruvian slang is words that come from quecha, like cancha for popcorn or jato for house.

Mar Oromí

Hola! My name is Mar, and I'm from Spain. I'm in my second year and I study political science and philosophy. I really like hearing people trying to properly pronounce the name of my city, Barcelona.

Sebastian Moseres Maestre

Hi I'm Sebastian Moseres Maestre!! I was born in Toronto, but my blood one hundred percent colombian. I am in U2 studying Cognitive Science with a minor in psychology. My favourite slang is either chimba or sapo.

Enrique Aponte

My name is Enrique Aponte, and I am from Venezuela. I am a U2 student majoring in Finance with a minor in Computer Science. My favourite Slang from Venezuela is “Fino”

Mariana Santibañez

Buenaaas, I'm Mariana and I come from Mexico. I'm a U2 student majoring in Sociology and double minoring in English Literature and Communications. My favorite slang from Mexico is "chale" 🙂

Patrick Chatain

Hi! I'm Patrick and I'm from Colombia. I am a Master’s student studying Mathematics and Machine Learning. My favourite slang from Colombia is “pana.”

VP Projects

Emilia Dominguez

Hi! I'm Emilia and I'm Mexican. I am in U3 studying Political Science and Latin American Studies. My favourite slang from Mexico is “güey.”

Maya Ojeda Vinelli

Hi! My name is Maya, I’m from Peru and Brazil and am currently in my second year at McGill studying Political Science with a double minor in IDS and Hispanic studies. My favourite slang word is chèvre or dale.

Rafael Imbert

Hi! My name is Rafael Imbert. I'm a third year at McGill studying International Management. Outside of school, I like to spend my time wakeboarding and playing Ultimate Frisbee for McGill and internationally for my country.

Camila Saland

Hi! I'm Cami and I'm from the US & Argentina. I'm in U2 majoring in linguistics. One of my favorite Argentinian slang words is "copado" , which means "cool" 🙂

VP Finance

Santiago Salazar

Hi, I'm Santiago, from Costa Rica. I'm in U3 studying Economics with a double minor in Operations Management and Italian Studies. My favourite slang from Costa Rica is “Tuanis.” 

SLASA Executive Teams