Meet The Team


Juliana Casteñeda

Hi! I'm Juliana and I'm from Colombia. I am in U3 studying Sociology and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Religious Studies.

Julian Coy

Hi! I'm Julian and I'm from Colombia. I am a U4 with an Honours in Economics and a Concentration in Managing for Sustainability.

VP External

Albert Ghitescu

Hello, my name is Albert and I'm a U3 from Romania studying Political Science.

VP Finance

Santiago Salazar

Hey! I'm Santiago and I'm from Costa Rica. I am a U2 studying Economics.

VP Communications

Victoria Khouri

Hi! I'm Victoria and I'm from Argentina I'm a U1 studying Microbiology and Immunology.

Camila Loyola Rodriguez

Hi! I'm Camila and I'm from Peru. I'm a U1 in the faculty of Management.

Isabella Gonzalez Hinrichsen

Hey! My name is Isa and I'm from Chile. I'm a U1 studying Political Science and History.

Irene Newman Jimenez

Hi! I'm Irene, I'm Venezuelan and a U1 studying Psychology and Gender, Sexuality and Social Justice Studies.

Mathilde Malpartida Durroux

Hello, my name is Mathilde and I'm from Peru and Mexico. I'm a U2 studying Political Science and East Asian Studies with a minor in History.

VP Events

Sophia Cumplido-Wilson

Hi, I'm Sophia, a U4 Psychology student with a minor in Biology from España.

Andrea Corkal

My name's Andrea, I'm a U4 from Venezuela studying Biology and Math.

Patrick Chatain

Hello, I'm Patrick, a Masters student studying Mathematics and Machine Learning from Colombia.

Mar Oromi

Hi, I'm Mar, I'm a U1 student double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy from España.

Lara Landauro

Hi! My name's Lara and I'm from Peru. I'm a U1 student majoring in Finance.

Enrique Aponte

Hey, I'm Enrique! I'm from Venezuela, I'm studying Finance as a U1 student.

Mariana Santibañez

Hi! I'm Mariana! I'm a U1 student from Mexico, and I'm majoring in Sociology.

VP Projects

Victoria Aponte

Hi! My name's Victoria, I'm from Venezuela and I'm a U2 studying Political Science.

Paola Delreal

Hey, I'm Paola a U3 from Mexico studying International Development.

Andrea Bernedo Carpio

Hey! My name's Andrea, I'm a U2 from Peru studying Accounting in Management.

Fernanda Arenas

Hi! I'm Fernanda, I'm a U1 studying Anthropology and International Development from Bolivia.

Maya Ojeda Vinelli

Hi, I'm Maya from Peru, I'm a U1 majoring in Political Science.

Emilia Dominguez

Hello! I'm Emilia, I'm a U2 from Mexico majoring in Political Science and Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

SLASA Executive Teams