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The SLASA team creates podcasts for the Latin community in Montreal or elsewhere. You can find episodes about our reflections on culture and society, interviews with special guests related to academia, NGOs, art, history, pop culture, and more information relevant to the Latin American community across the globe! Please take a listen to some of the episodes below. 

Listening to Latin America


Listening to Latin America is a show we host biweekly on CKUT 90.3FM, where we interview artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and activists from Latin America. The show is in collaboration with Macondo and El Club De Los Feos. You can find the episodes now on Spotify! We upload a new podcast every Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure to tune in to listen to the newest from our Latin American community. 

Find an episode by clicking the headset below or listen to the latest episode right underneath!

Por Si Las Moscas


This is a podcast about Development, Activism and Culture in Latin America. A platform for NGO’s and individuals in pursuit of making positive changes and helping others. In this podcast, we support various NGOs which are non-governmental organizations who serve the people of the community. It’s hosted by our students at our Spanish and Latin American Student Association at McGill University.

Find an episode by clicking the microphone below or listen to the latest episode right underneath!